adultsWe have Bible Study classes for all ages. College, Singles, Young Married, Parents of Preschoolers, Children, and/or Students, Couple classes through your senior years, as well as classes for Men and classes for Women are all available on Sunday mornings at 9:00AM. (You can view these at the Bible Study Groups link.) These classes are taught by Bible loving teachers who want to help you grow in your personal journey of faith.

We have Bible Study classes for women on Thursday mornings and Sunday nights. (These can be viewed in the Women Ministries link)

We have Bible Study classes that meet during the week called the Vine and Branches Study Groups which help people grow deeper in Chirst and some cover recovery, depression, etc.

We have different ministries where our adults serve such as Chain Saw Ministry for Disaster Relief, Ramp Ministry, Prison Ministry to Ladies, Christian Women's Job Corp, and we volunteer with different organizations to help at different times like Lauderdale Baptist Crisis Center, Habitat for Humanity, Love's Kitchen, etc.

We have a number of adults serving in Preschool, Children, Students and Adults as teachers and substitutes.

Our adults have a Game Night on one Friday during the month with food, board games, Dominos, Bridge, card games, etc in the Fellowship Hall.