Poplar Springs Drive Baptist Church is so focused on Christ’s love, others are attracted to our celebration! Our dream is for you to become part of our celebration of Jesus. Our celebration centers on three experiences with our Lord: FALLING in love with Christ, GROWING in love with Christ and SHOWING love for Christ. We invite you to join us in Bible Study and worship.




We are involved in four areas based on what Jesus said to the disciples in Acts 1:8:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”





This is the town where they were in at that time so our town is Meridian. We call this our Local Missions. We are involved in the Prison Ministry, Love’s Kitchen (a place to feed the hungry of our community), Ramp Ministry (wheelchair ramps are built for people in need), the Center for Pregnancy Choices, Women's Job Corp and the Ministry of Caring (meeting needs whatever comes up).

"1000 Touches" will launch on first week of November 2018.


This was the district that Jerusalem was in very similar to what we would call our state of Mississippi. We call this our State Missions. Short term mission trips such as helping at the Children's Village, cleanups at State camps, Diaster Relief etc..


This was the northern district of what was the nation of Israel. This symbolizes to us our National Missions. Short term mission trips are scheduled each year for youth and adults. Our men have a “Chainsaw Ministry” that is a part of our Disaster Relief Team and they go to disasters to help cleanup from the storms.

Our youth went to Atlanta this summer to minister to internationals.

“To the ends of the earth”

This is what we call International Missions. Our association is in partnership with the Dominican Republic and we are sending teams every few months. We encourage our members to go wherever God calls them. We are supporters of "Hopegivers" in India that works with many ministries there like schools, Dowry Castaway burn victims, lepers, etc.

We try to be involved in each of these areas with planned trips and activities to be the witnesses that Jesus called us to be.

Bro. John went to India in 2017. Sylvia Broughton went to  Indonesia in 2018. Aubry and Sandra Martin went international to teach VBS in June 2018.