Poplar Springs Drive Baptist Church is so focused on Christ’s love, others are attracted to our celebration! Our dream is for you to become part of our celebration of Jesus. Our celebration centers on three experiences with our Lord: FALLING in love with Christ, GROWING in love with Christ and SHOWING love for Christ. We invite you to join us in Bible Study and worship.

In order to meet the needs of Preschoolers, the Preschool Committee recommends:

  • Facilities are available for use with supervision of authorized personnel: teachers, extended core volunteers, and/or paid workers (minimum age 15 years with an adult.)
  • Preschool facilities are provided for preschoolers only. Older children are not to be brought into the area. Extended Care workers are asked to make provisions for their older children on their Sunday to teach.
  • Provision is made for preschoolers, including birth through four years, during worship services.

General Policies:

  1. Each child should be registered in his/her department.
  2. Teachers should be given information for reaching parent in case of emergency.
  3. If the teacher has not arrived, the parent should stay with the child until the teacher comes to receive the child.
  4. To avoid congestion in the area, only one parent should bring and pick up the child.
  5. Parents will be given a pager with a number that corresponds with the child's name on the registration sheet. If you are needed you will be paged.
  6. The parent should call for the child immediately following services or functions. When picking up, the parent should knock at the door and wait for the child to be brought. (NOTE: Parents and older children should not go into the area. Workers are instructed to release preschoolers only to a responsible adult-not older children.)
  7. The child's personal items (diaper bag, bottle, pacifier, change of clothing, etc.) should be plainly labeled.
  8. Personal toys should not be brought unless it is a child's security item.
  9. Only water, milk and juice brought by parents will be served to babies during the Sunday and Wednesday services.
  10. Except for Mother's Morning Out, children cannot be served meals in the preschool area. On these occasions only food that can be easily held and does not require preparation should be brought. Babies will be fed baby food. Teachers should be notified of any allergies.
  11. Any situation not covered by these policies should be referred to the Preschool Committee for consideration.
  12. Parents of preschoolers are expected to work in extended care once per quarter.

Special Occasion Policies:

  1. Preschool facilities will be available for church-wide or departmental functions and Sanctuary Choir special rehearsals. (There must be at least five children in order to have care provided.)
  2. Arrangements for special occasions must be made with the Preschool Coordinator at least 3 weeks in advance and must include the number, name, and ages of children.
  3. Childcare will be available quarterly for Sunday School Fellowships from 5:30- 8:30 PM. One fellowship per quarter will be paid by the church. Saturdays by special request.

Each Child Needs

  • Extra change of clothes
  • Sack lunch
  • Picked up promptly at 1:00 PM


For the protection of your child and other children, any child who APPEARS ILL will not be accepted in the Preschool Department. Below are some guidelines that are to be used as criteria for keeping a child at home.

  1. Fever of 100 or more (within the previous 24 hours)
  2. Vomiting and/ or diarrhea. (within the previous 24 hours)
  3. Any symptom of the usual childhood diseases.
  4. Sore throat / cough.
  5. Any unexplained rash, any skin infection-boils, ringworm, and impetigo.
  6. Pink eye and other eye infections.