churchPoplar Springs Drive Baptist Church is so focused on Christ’s love, others are attracted to our celebration! Our dream is for you to become part of our celebration of Jesus. Our celebration centers on three experiences with our Lord:

Falling in love with Christ: If you are searching for a more personal relationship with Jesus, we want to help you fall in love with Christ. We believe we can introduce you to an exciting, dynamic, and powerful Savior who can truly make a difference in your life.

Growing in love with Christ: If you already know Jesus and love Jesus, we want to help you grow more in love with the Lord. We know there are aspects of Christ’s love that can only be learned through real life. We can help you see how much Jesus wants to show you His love everyday.

Showing love for Christ: If you understand the heart of Christ, He wants us to be bold and public in celebration of the love He has shown us. PSDBC will encourage you to find practical ways to celebrate Christ outside the walls of the church.